Cultural Memory and British Cinema-Going of the 1960s

  • Eva Balogh (Advisor)

Activity: Consultancy typesConsultancy

Description of Activity

My research on cinema usherettes has informed key aspects of this project.

"The aim of the event is to educate people about the ways in which cinema-going was different then to how it is now by recreating the experience of a night at the cinema in the 1960s. We are staging the event as an immersive theatre performance, with actors performing the memories I have been collecting of cinema-going in a cinema as we screen a programme of entertainment that approximates something that would have been shown at the time. As such, amongst the cast I have four actors who will be taking on the role of usherettes for the evening....I am aware of your website (which has already been a big help)"
Matthew Jones (2016)
PeriodJan 2016
Work forUniversity College London, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational