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  • Pani, M. (Guest editor)
  • Asa Barber (Guest editor)

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Computed Tomography Based Biomechanics

Computed Tomography (CT) based research gained extensive popularity over the years due to the clear advantage of producing three-dimensional images of biological tissues and biomaterials with increased quality and resolution, ranging from clinical CT to Synchrotron (SR) microCT. Additionally, CT based technologies contributed to the development of advanced strategies to establish the mechanical competence of different biological materials via both numerical simulations (i.e. Finite Element Analysis - FEA) and more recently in situ experimental techniques (i.e. Digital Volume Correlation - DVC).

This Research Topic aims to promote leading advances in the application of CT techniques. Researchers are invited to contribute original research papers that will stimulate discussion on novel numerical and/or experimental investigation of biological tissues and biomaterials integrity based on computed tomographic imaging.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Multi-scale CT-based FE validation of biological materials
• MicroCT and SR-microCT of tissues and biomaterials
• MicroCT and SR-microCT of 3D-printed biomimetic structures
• Ptychographic CT of biological tissues
• In situ microCT mechanics and DVC of tissues and biomaterials
• Clinical CT-based biomechanics
• Novel methodologies such as small-angle scattering tensor tomography of tissues
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