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NG28 Recommendations for managing Type 2 diabetes in adults.•Primarily clinical team(s)•Briefly review the structure and content of section 1.6.
•the kind of clinical questions that would lead to searching section 1.6
•what range of practitioners might be asking the question (or prompted to ask)
•whether it would be practitioner-initiated search or data-triggered suggestion
•what data items would be required to know the question is relevant
•what data items would be required to apply the recommendation
•Decompose section 1.6 (L1) into useful sub-sections or fragments to answer specific questions (L2A)
•Start on blank paper or flipchart sheets
•Suggested column headings (add or modify as you see fit): clinical question, fragment description, practitioner type, search/trigger, data for question, data for application
Primarily technical team(s)
•Familiarise yourselves with the visual summary of section 1.7, especially the diagrams on pages 2-3:
•any ambiguities or inconsistencies in the diagram or its notation style•any obvious inconsistencies between the narrative in 1.7 and the visual summary
•content which looks like an algorithm or rule
•content which looks like a pathway or process model
•content which is hard to categorise
•logical sub-sections of the visual summary, to decide which elements to use in the modelling
Period31 Mar 2023
Event titleNICE collaborathon
Event typeOther
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Degree of RecognitionNational