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‘Wymering Manor is the oldest dated house in the city of Portsmouth, and as such the Wymering Manor Trust is determined that when the building is repaired and reopened, visitors will easily be able to appreciate and understand the signi cance of the house within its present and past surroundings. It is acknowledged that for most of its existence, Wymering Manor has been a private residence, however it has long been a focus for the nearby community. In its time as a youth hostel and in the period since, the house has become somewhat distanced from the people of Wymering who had previously enjoyed frequent access to the house and grounds through the regular fetes and parties given by its private owners. The Trust has already explored a number of options for the re- use of Wymering Manor, and it is clear that the local community and their needs must be a signi cant factor in the project. The decision to divide the project into distinct phases is driven by the complexity of the project to conserve the Elizabethan manor house, coupled with the urgent need to reinvigorate the site and the opportunity presented by the award of Big Lottery funding. The Trust is keen to explore the design possibilities presented by the Victorian wing as a stand alone community facility, and in addition how the Victorian wing might function relative to the available spaces within the entirety of the structure during the period leading up to the major repair works being undertaken, and also the relationship of the whole building to its remaining grounds and how this might be improved. The three most pressing needs that the Trustees have identi ed that are essential for the project in the short term are: - The improvement of access to the building for wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility. - The provision of exible accommodation to allow groups and individuals to carry out different activities within the same space. The Trust is particularly keen to encourage education, learning and further cultural understanding. Consideration was also given to the sustainability of the project and the need for revenue generation. - The provision of welfare facilities for visitors and volunteers since presently there are none. Along with space for a staff of ce and toilet. The Trust is presently working in partnership with Highbury College’s Local Food Project and Southsea Greenhouse to encourage local people to learn more about the food that they eat and to make improvements to their diet. The Trust is keen to support the establishment of a community garden at the Manor as a facility to encourage the local community to take ownership of the project, and also to provide a teaching kitchen. Schemes and proposals should consider the budgetary constraints which the Trust must operate in the short term, total funding required for the project is likely to be in excess of £3 million. Substantial structural alterations are neither desirable or practical, however it is a decision to be made by the various groups as to the signi cance of individual elements within the building and whether losses might be tolerated for the bene t of the wider scheme of repair. Schemes might wish to introduce an element of new build if desired, but should carefully consider their design approach and use of materials. Likewise schemes may also consider the reinstatement of missing elements of the fabric and structure. The Trust is keen to explore the opportunities provided by green energy and would be particularly supportive of projects that embrace this as well as improve the energy consumption of the building by making improvements that reduce heat loss etc. All proposals should be compliant with current legislation and best practice.’ - Text issued to the Project Of ce on 10th Jan 2014 as the client brief from Andy Mason, Wymering Manor Trust
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