A shift to learn from: Building resilience within undergraduate student nurses (SIMEX 2023)

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A major exercise is taking place in Portsmouth to test how medics would respond to a disaster involving mass casualties.

Nursing staff and doctors from Queen Alexandra Hospital are taking part in the three-day simulation.

Period9 May 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleA shift to learn from: Building resilience within undergraduate student nurses
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    DescriptionAs part of the year 3 simulated placement at the University the team hosted a simulated clinical shift where nursing students were joined by nursing facilitators and practice partners from the local Hospital and community Trusts to treat simulated patients with a variety of different physical and mental health presentations.

    The exercise was an educational activity for all and at certain points in the day, action was paused to enable everyone to learn from more significant presenting injuries. For the students at the University, not only were they able to assist the emergency team to test disaster event response plans and procedures, they also learnt vital skills including interpersonal communication, supporting distressed patients, de- escalation techniques, recognition of deteriorating patients and building emotional intelligence/ resilience.
    PersonsMelanie Tanner