Al Jazeera Inside Story - Benigno Aquino's 'broken promises'

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    During his presidential campaign, Benigno Aquino III promised to end serious violations of human rights in the Philippines. Over a year after he took office, the country's military continues to be implicated in several human rights violations including torture, disappearances and execution-style killings. Now, a report by Human Rights Watch says the government is failing to investigate and prosecute abuses by the military.

    In this show we ask: Is Benigno Aquino failing on his pledge to get tough on the army? Inside Story, with presenter Hazem Sika, discusses with Tom Smith, a visiting lecturer at De La Salle University in Manila; Ed Lingao, the multimedia director of The Philippine Centre for Investigative Journalism; and Gene Alcantara, a Filipino journalist. This episode of Inside Story aired from Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

    Period19 Jul 2011

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