Australia's call for World Cup prize equity adds fuel to fire in women's game

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Four years after the United States won the Women's World Cup to cheers of "equal pay", this year's co-hosts Australia have thrust the issue of gender equity back on to soccer's biggest stage as players across federations demand better conditions and pay.

Period17 Jul 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleAustralia's call for World Cup prize equity adds fuel to fire in women's game
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    Media name/outletReuters
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    DescriptionThe Australian team video intensified years-long calls for gender equity in sport, after four-times champions United States sued their federation in the run-up to 2019, alleging gender discrimination in compensation and their playing conditions.

    The two parties resolved their pay dispute last year with a judge later approving a $24-million settlement. They had previously reached a settlement over playing conditions.

    "The fact that the case was so high profile and lasted so long, I think, was a turning point," said Christina Philippou, a principal lecturer in accounting, economics and finance at the University of Portsmouth.

    "And we have seen... a lot of countries kind of follow suit to some degree on their kind of equal pay front."
    Producer/AuthorAmy Tennery
    PersonsChristina Philippou