Consumers value animal welfare more than green issues, study says

  • Andy Jin
  • Jeanine Ammann
  • Gabriele Mack
  • Nadja El Benni
  • Lynn J. Frewer
  • Paul Newell-Price
  • Sophie Tindale

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The study was conducted across five European countries - Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK - to identify the attributes that are most important to consumers buying meat or dairy products. Taking part in an online survey, nearly 3,200 participants were asked to rate the importance of 18 different factors when shopping for meat and dairy on a scale from 1 (not at all important) to 5 (extremely important). Across all surveyed countries, consumers consistently prioritised freshness, quality/taste, and animal welfare as the most important attributes. In contrast, environmental factors such as food miles, carbon footprint, and organic production were deemed less important in influencing purchasing decisions.

Period16 May 2024 → 21 May 2024

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