Diminished rugby Premiership battles for attention as season begins

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Loss of stars to World Cup adds to sport’s travails in England after collapse of three top-tier clubs.

Period13 Oct 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleDiminished rugby Premiership battles for attention as season begins
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionOnly 10 teams will compete this year after three collapsed under mounting debts following a brutal pandemic, while many of the game’s stars are still in France for the Rugby World Cup so cannot represent their clubs in early games.

    “They don’t have international breaks like with football, which is a big issue,” said Christina Philippou, an expert on the business of sport at the University of Portsmouth. “It hampers the value of the broadcast deals because you’re staging matches without your full squad.”
    Producer/AuthorSam Agini
    PersonsChristina Philippou