Government Should Help Small Business More, Says Research

  • Xing Huang

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As the world’s economy continues to be affected by a global recession, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face many challenges in staying afloat. Research reveals they are increasingly worried about the impact of the recession, with many being forced to lay off workers, reduce wages or even close down completely.

Period20 Jan 2023

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleGovernment Should Help Small Business More, Says Research
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    DescriptionResearch undertaken by Xing Huang and Xiaodong Wang of Portsmouth Business School and Liang Han of the University of Surrey finds that government should play a more active role in alleviating such an asymmetric information problem. This is primarily because the lending infrastructure has a determinant impact on SMEs’ accounting information transparency, which affects both SMEs’ access to finance and relevant costs for creditors. Such lending infrastructure includes informational, legal, judicial, bankruptcy, social, tax and regulatory environments. “The more transparent the lending environment is, the more cost-efficient it will be for creditors to assess and monitor SMEs, thus increasing their access to finance,” said Han in an interview.
    PersonsXing Huang