Israel-Hamas war: the American army plays the balancing act of deterrence

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American air forces struck targets in Syria on Wednesday for the second time in two weeks. Shows of force intended to be dissuasive, but the line with an escalation of the conflict remains tenuous.

Period9 Nov 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleGuerre Israël-Hamas : l'armée américaine joue les équilibristes de la dissuasion
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    DescriptionThe two American airstrikes carried out since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas each time targeted ammunition depots and weapons caches of groups linked to Iran, according to American intelligence services which did not specify which. “These are called low-intensity targets,” recognizes Veronika Poniscjakova, an expert on military issues in the Middle East at the University of Portsmouth. The risk of collateral damage and human casualties remains low. Especially since “the American army made a point of specifying that they had waited until the evening to ensure that the personnel had left the premises”, underlines Robert Geist Pinfold.
    Producer/Author Sébastian SEIBT
    PersonsVeronika Poniscjakova


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