Key Takeaways from the Three Seas Initative Summit

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Matthew Powell on the 'Three Seas Initiative' summit in Bucharest, highlighting its role in addressing infrastructure projects and regional security, especially in response to Russian actions and the war in Ukraine. Key points include support for Ukraine, changes in the alliance's structure with Greece joining, and Moldova and Ukraine becoming associated countries. The interview discusses the discovery of Russian drone debris in Romania and the challenges in attributing blame. It also touches on the initiative's focus on cybersecurity and green energy, concluding with insights into potential shifts in Hungary's policies and the emergence of smaller power blocks within Central and Eastern Europe influencing the European Union.

Period8 Sept 2023

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Media contributions

  • TitleKey takeaways from the Three Seas Initiative Summit
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    DescriptionOn September 7th the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Bucharest concluded. To discuss the key takeaways we were joined by Matthew Powell - Lecturer in Air Power studies from the University of Portsmouth.
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