Pandemic teaching, one-year on: has the sector changed for good?

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Jo Park comments on the difference between online and in classroom teaching

Period16 Mar 2021

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Media coverage

  • TitlePandemic teaching, one-year on: has the sector changed for good?
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionIt’s been 12 months since our lives were turned completely about-face with the imposition of the first COVID-19 national lockdown. Almost overnight our daily rhythms – from exercise to shopping and even socialising – all changed radically. Perhaps the most significant and all-pervasive change was our sudden increased reliance on technology – for catching up with family and friends, for keeping the whole family amused while the outside world slowed down and, of course, for continuing our children’s education.
    Producer/AuthorSteve Wright
    PersonsJo Elliott