What is cottagecore? ‘Your grandma but, like, hip’

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Deborah Sugg Ryan explains the surge in popularity of 'cottagecore'

Period20 Mar 2021

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleWhat is cottagecore? ‘Your grandma but, like, hip’
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletFinancial Times
    Media typeWeb
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionCottagecore is the escapist style of the pandemic. It is an online phenomenon, the response to lockdown, a soft-focus vision of the pastoral life with women in floaty dresses wafting through meadows of wildflowers and pausing occasionally to pick mushrooms or pet a doe-eyed, er, doe.
    Producer/AuthorEdwin Heathcote
    PersonsDeborah Sugg Ryan