Ciclope: micro Computed Tomography to Finite Elements

  • Gianluca Iori (Creator)
  • Gianluigi Crimi (Creator)
  • Enrico Schileo (Creator)
  • Fulvia Taddei (Creator)
  • Giulia Fraterrigo (Creator)
  • Martino Pani (Creator)
  • Serena Bonaretti (Contributor)



The Python package ciclope processes micro Computed Tomography images to generate Finite Element models. Ciclope is aimed to provide reproducible and fully open-source pipelines for simulating the mechanical behaviour of trabecular bone using the Finite Element method. Read the Docs page. View on GitHub. Ciclope was developed with support from the community for Open and Reproducible Musculoskeletal Imaging Research (ORMIR). Part of the development was carried out within the Jupyter Community Workshop “Building the Jupyter Community in Musculoskeletal Imaging Research” sponsored by NUMFocus.
Date made available10 Mar 2023

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