Compiled eruption chronostratigraphy including eruption styles for Santorini volcano, Greece, from ~360 ka to present day

  • Chris Satow (Creator)
  • Agust Gudmundsson (Creator)
  • Ralf Gertisser (Creator)
  • Christopher Bronk Ramsey (Creator)
  • Mohsen Bazargan (Creator)
  • David Pyle (Creator)
  • Sabine Wulf (Creator)
  • Andrew Miles (Creator)
  • Mark Hardiman (Creator)



This dataset is a compiled chronostratigraphy for the volcanic island of Santorini, Greece. It comprises information on eruption dates, dating methods and numbers of eruptions of each type (Plinian, interplinian and lava), compiled from existing published sources (all references provided) and some supplementary fieldwork. The record is detailed and quantitative from the present day back to 224 ka, and less detailed and qualitative from 224 ka back to ~360 ka. Two maps are provided to give location context for the dataset, as well as a reference list, and other associated reading. This dataset forms part of the supplementary information for the publication 'Eruptive Activity of the Santorini Volcano Controlled by Sea Level Rise and Fall' by Satow et al. (2021) in Nature Geoscience-
Date made available2021

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