Data and supplementary material for 'A meta-analysis of differences in children's reports of single and repeated events'.

  • Dayna Woiwod (Creator)
  • Ryan Fitzgerald (Creator)
  • Chelsea Sheahan (Creator)
  • Heather Price (Creator)
  • Deborah Connolly (Creator)



Woiwod, D., Fitzgerald, R. J., Sheahan, C., Price, H. L., & Connolly, D. (2018, September 16). Meta-Analysis of Differences in Children’s Memory for Single versus Repeated Events. Retrieved from

Supplemental material (pdf):
Table A1. Excluded studies/experiments and reason for exclusion.
Table A2. Study characteristics of included studies.
Table A3. Free recall statistics for primary studies.
Table A4. Cued recall statistics for primary studies.
Table A5. Recognition statistics for primary studies.
Date made available2 Oct 2018
PublisherAmerican Psychological Association

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