Data availability statement for 'One- and two-point source statistics from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey first data release'.

  • Thilo M. Siewert (Creator)
  • Catherine Hale (Creator)
  • N. Bhardwaj (Creator)
  • M. Biermann (Creator)
  • David Bacon (Creator)
  • Michael Jarvis (Creator)
  • H. J. A. Röttgering (Creator)
  • Dominik J. Schwarz (Creator)
  • T. W. Shimwell (Creator)
  • Philip N. Best (Creator)
  • J. Duncan Keppie (Creator)
  • Martin J. Hardcastle (Creator)
  • Jose Sabater (Creator)
  • C. Tasse (Creator)
  • G. J. White (Creator)
  • W. L. Williams (Creator)



Information on the survey data used is contained within the publication.
Date made available10 Nov 2020
PublisherIOP Publishing

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