Data availability statement for 'Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of lignocellulose digestion in shipworms'.

  • Federico Sabbadin (Creator)
  • Giovanna Pesante (Creator)
  • Luisa Elias (Creator)
  • Katrin Besser (Creator)
  • Yi Li (Creator)
  • Clare Steele-King (Creator)
  • Meg Stark (Creator)
  • Deborah A. Rathbone (Creator)
  • Adam A. Dowle (Creator)
  • Rachel Bates (Creator)
  • Reuben Shipway (Northeastern University) (Creator)
  • Simon Cragg (Creator)
  • Neil C. Bruce (Creator)
  • Simon J. McQueen-Mason (Creator)



The datasets supporting the conclusions of this article are available in NCBI repository, under BioProject PRJNA412369 (SRA files: SRR6106265, SRR6106266, SRR6106267, SRR6106268, SRR6106269, SRR6106270, SRR6106271, SRR6106272, SRR6106273). The LpMDGH1 sequence can be accessed through GenBank Accession No. MG013499.

Supporting/supplementary research data are also openly available at
Date made available7 Mar 2018
PublisherSpringer Nature

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