Data availability statment for 'Orbital precession modulates interannual rainfall variability, as recorded in an Early Pleistocene speleothem'.

  • Philip J. Hopley (Creator)
  • Graham P. Weedon (Creator)
  • Chris M. Brierley (Creator)
  • Christopher Thrasivoulou (Creator)
  • Andy I. R. Herries (Creator)
  • Ada Dinckal (Creator)
  • David A. Richards (Creator)
  • Dan C. Nita (Creator)
  • Randall Parrish (Creator)
  • Nick M. W. Roberts (Creator)
  • Diana Sahy (Creator)
  • Claire L. Smith (Creator)



    Information on the supporting data are included in the body of this publication.
    Date made available1 Aug 2018
    PublisherGeological Society of America

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