Data Release for "Revisiting the evidence for precession in GW200129 with machine learning noise mitigation"

  • Ronaldas Macas (Creator)
  • Andrew Lundgren (Creator)
  • Gregory Ashton (Royal Holloway University of London) (Creator)



Cleaned gravitational-wave data frame for the Livingston interferometer around GW200129 using NLSub, a machine-learning algorithm. For more details, see the publication on ArXiv: The data frame can be loaded in Python using e.g. GWPy TimeSeries class: from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries tseries ='L-L1_DCS-CALIB_STRAIN_CLEAN_C01_NLSUB_P2300358_v4-1264314077-4078.hdf5')
Date made available16 Nov 2023

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