Dataset for 'The Impact of Future Time Perspective and Personality on the Sustainable Behaviours of Seniors'.

  • Sianne Gordon-Wilson (Creator)



    This study examined a national sample of American seniors to determine the
    influence of future time perspective (FTP) and personality traits on their sustainable behaviours. Based on a sample of 520 seniors, the study found a significant positive relationship between FTP and sustainable behaviours. FTP fully mediates the impact of the conscientiousness personality trait on sustainable behaviours and partially mediates the impact of the openness and agreeableness personality traits on seniors’ sustainable behaviours. The results contribute to the extant literature by explaining that the three personality traits influence sustainable behaviours through seniors’ future time perspective. The results suggested the need for policy to focus on seniors’ future time perspective and to prioritise more conscientious, open, and agreeable personality traits when encouraging American seniors to adopt sustainable

    For any queries about the dataset please contact Professor Pratik Modi.
    Date made available6 Jan 2020
    PublisherUniversity of Portsmouth

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