DIAPHANE: a portable radiation transport library for astrophysical applications

  • Ruben Cabezon (Creator)
  • Claudio Gheller (Creator)
  • Darren Reed (Creator)
  • Tim Dykes (Creator)
  • Lucio Mayer (Creator)



DIAPHANE is a portable, scalable, and extensible library for modeling the transport of energy by radiation or relativistic particles. Energy transport modelling is crucial for the hydrodynamic modelling of a wide range of astrophysical phenomena such as planet and galaxy formation, supernova explosions, and cosmic structure evolution. The diaphane library provides a computational framework and functionality to incorporate energy transport modeling into hydrodynamical astrophysics simulations. The initial release comprises a particle-based implementation of Flux Limited Diffusion and Starrad, a ray casting method that we have developed. The source code for the diaphane library is hosted here: https://bitbucket.org/diaphane/diaphane-library/src/master/
Date made available1 Jan 2020
PublisherCode Ocean

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