mj-will/nessai: v0.12.0a0

  • Michael Williams (Creator)
  • J. Veitch (Creator)
  • CChapmanbird (Creator)
  • Rodrigo Tenorio (Creator)



This is an alpha release of v0.12.0 of nessai. This release is not intended for production use, and the changes here are not considered final. The main changes in this pre-release are improvements to the importance nested sampler, most notably: final i.i.d samples can now be drawn during sampling rather than post sampling, the sampler no longer requires the to_unit_hypercube method for sampling. Full Changelog: https://github.com/mj-will/nessai/compare/v0.11.0...v0.12.0a0
Date made available25 Feb 2024

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