SNP array data for a native European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) population

  • Carolina Pe├▒aloza (Creator)
  • Agustin Barria (Contributor)
  • Athina Papadopoulou (Contributor)
  • C Hoop (Contributor)
  • Joanne Preston (Contributor)
  • Matthew Green (Contributor)
  • Luke Helmer (Contributor)
  • Jacob Kean Hammerson (Contributor)
  • Jennifer C Nascimento-Schulze (Contributor)
  • Diana Minardi (Contributor)
  • Manu Kumar Gundappa (Contributor)
  • Dan Macqueen (Contributor)
  • John Hamilton (Contributor)
  • Ross D. Houston (Contributor)
  • Tim P. Bean (Contributor)



Genotype data for a hatchery-derived European flat oyster population (n=840 individuals) with matching growth phenotype data (see link below). Four growth-related traits were measured in the experimental population: Body weight (BW, the weight of an individual oyster including the shell ), Shell length (SL, the maximum distance between the anterior and posterior margins), Shell height (SH, the maximum distance between the hinge to the furthermost edge), and Shell width (SW, the maximum distance at the thickest part of the two shell valves).
Individual oysters were genotyped using the combined-species Affymetrix Axiom® oyster SNP-array. The genotype data is available in VCF format for markers passing quality control (QC) filters (see steps below).
Date made available2022
PublisherMendeley Data

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