Supplementary data for 'Evidence for a late Cambrian juvenile arc and a buried suture within the Laurentian Caledonides of Scotland: comparisons with hyperextended Iapetan margins in the Appalachian Mountains (North America) and Norway'.

  • Michael Dunk (Creator)
  • Rob Strachan (Creator)
  • K.A. Cutts (Creator)
  • Stephanie Lasalle (Creator)
  • Craig Storey (Creator)
  • I.M. Burns (Creator)
  • Martin J. Whitehouse (Creator)
  • Mike Fowler (Creator)
  • Hugo Souza Moreira (Creator)
  • Joe Dunlop (Creator)
  • Inês Filipa Gonçalves Martins Pereira (Creator)



Supplementary data content:
1. Nd analyses
2. U-Pb zircon, monazite and rutile geochronology
3. Hafnium analyses
4. Metamorphic petrology

This copy of the supplementary data is subject to the same embargo as the post-print and will be available here from 06/06/20.
Date made available6 Jun 2019
PublisherGeoscience Publications

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