Supplementary material (Appendix A) for 'Effect of SR-microCT radiation on the mechanical integrity of trabecular bone using in situ mechanical testing and digital volume correlation'.

  • Marta Pena Fernandez (Creator)
  • Silvia Cipiccia (Creator)
  • Enrico Dall׳Ara (Creator)
  • Andrew Bodey (Creator)
  • Rachna Narendra Parwani (Creator)
  • Martino Pani (Creator)
  • Gordon Blunn (Creator)
  • Asa Barber (Creator)
  • Gianluca Tozzi (Creator)



Supplementary Material S1: Image post-processing, Evaluation of baseline strains, Table S1, Figure S1
Supplementary Material S2: Estimation of radiation exposures.
Date made available16 Aug 2018
PublisherElsevier BV

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