Supplementary Material for 'Advancing Santorini’s tephrostratigraphy: new glass geochemical data and improved marine-terrestrial tephra correlations for the past ~360 kyrs'.

  • Sabine Wulf (Creator)
  • Jörg Keller (Creator)
  • Christopher Satow (Creator)
  • Ralf Gertisser (Creator)
  • Michael Kraml (Creator)
  • Katharine M. Grant (Creator)
  • Oona Appelt (Creator)
  • Polina Vakhrameeva (Creator)
  • Andreas Koutsodendris (Creator)
  • Mark Hardiman (Creator)
  • Hartmut Schulz (Creator)
  • Jörg Pross (Creator)



This copy of the Supplementary Material is subject to the same embargo as the post-print and will be available here from 24/10/20.

Supplementary material S1: Sampling sites and detailed chemical descriptions of proximal tephra deposits on Santorini.

Supplementary material S2: EPMA glass data of proximal tephra deposits from Santorini analysed in this study.

Supplementary material S3: EPMA glass data of marine tephras from cores KL49 and KL51 (Schwarz, 2000), and LC21 (Satow et al., 2015).

Supplementary material S4: Age-depth models for marine cores KL49 and KL51.
Date made available20 Sept 2019
PublisherElsevier BV

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