Supplementary material for 'Calibration and field application of an innovative passive sampler for monitoring groundwater quality'.

  • Lucie Pinasseau (Creator)
  • Laure Wiest (Creator)
  • Laurence Volatier (Creator)
  • Gary Fones (Creator)
  • Graham Mills (Creator)
  • Florian Mermillod-Blondin (Creator)
  • Emmanuelle Vulliet (Creator)



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Supplementary file content:
Figure S1. Photographs of ED supports designed specially adapted to GW well dimensions.
Figure S2. Photographs of the experimental set up used for the adsorption experiment.
Figure S3. Matrix suppression of studied pollutants (ordered by retention time); response in ED blank and groundwater extracts after dilution 30 times.
Table S1. Details of HPLC-MS/MS method (pollutants are ordered by retention time).
Table S2. Performance data for the HPLC-MS/MS method.
Table S3. Physico-chemical properties of studied pollutants.
Table S4. Mean concentrations of the four test analytes measured in the exposure tanks and outlet of the control column at each sampling day and at each SGW renewal (n = 17).
Table S5. Co-ordinates of the GW wells, well depths and mean physico-chemical values measured during the sampler deployment period.
Date made available31 Aug 2019
PublisherElsevier BV

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