Supplementary material for 'Detrital rutile ages can deduce the tectonic setting of sedimentary basins'.

  • Inês Pereira (Creator)
  • Craig Storey (Creator)
  • Rob Strachan (Creator)
  • Telmo M. Bento dos Santos (Creator)
  • James Darling (Creator)



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File content:
MMC 1. Detrital U-Pb rutile dataset compilation.
MMC 2. Sampling and instrumental setup.
MMC 3. LA-ICP MS U-Pb rutile data tables.
MMC 4. LA-ICP MS U-Pb zircon data tables.
MMC 5. Detrital zircon CL plates.
Date made available10 Mar 2020
PublisherElsevier BV

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