Supplementary Material for 'Interference of temporally distinguishable photons using frequency-resolved detection'.

  • Venkata Vikram Orre (Creator)
  • Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt (Creator)
  • Abhinav Deshpande (Creator)
  • Alexey V. Gorshkov (Creator)
  • Vincenzo Tamma (Creator)
  • Mohammad Hafezi (Creator)
  • Sunil Mittal (Creator)



The content of this supplementary file includes:

S1: Experimental Setup
S2: Fringe Visibility in Two-photon Interference
S3: Miscellaneous Probability Contributions in Three-photon Interference
S4: Reduced Three-photon Interference
S5: Generation of Polarization/time-bin Entangled Photon Pairs
S6: Stabilization of the Interferometer
S7: Exact Sampling Hardness in the Multiphoton Interference Experiment
Date made available22 Aug 2019
PublisherAmerican Physical Society

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