Supplementary material for 'Intuitive statistical inferences in chimpanzees and humans follow Weber’s law'.

  • Johanna Eckert (Creator)
  • Josep Call (Creator)
  • Jonas Hermes (Creator)
  • Esther Herrmann (Creator)
  • Hannes Rakoczy (Creator)



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The content of the supplementary files includes:
Supplementary material 1:
Detailed methods, results and discussion
1. Subjects
2. Materials and Procedure
SI Fig.1
3. Coding and Data Analysis
4. Results
SI Table 1
SI Fig. 2
SI Fig. 3
SI Fig. 4

Supplementary material 2:
Chimp data

Supplementary material 3:
Human data
Date made available1 Nov 2018
PublisherElsevier BV

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