Supplementary material for 'Step-like growth of the continental crust in South China: evidence from detrital zircons in Yangtze River sediments'.

  • Zheng-Wei Liang (Creator)
  • Shan Gao (Creator)
  • Chris J. Hawkesworth (Creator)
  • Yuan-Bao Wu (Creator)
  • Craig Storey (Creator)
  • Lian Zhou (Creator)
  • Ming Li (Creator)
  • Zhao-Chu Hu (Creator)
  • Yong-Sheng Liu (Creator)
  • Xiao-Ming Liu (Creator)



Table S1. Oxygen isotope ratios of detrital zircons from samples CJ02 and HJ02.
Table S2. Oxygen isotopic ratios of zircons from all the other sand samples and of additional zircons from CJ02.
Date made available1 Nov 2018
PublisherElsevier BV

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