Supporting information for 'Extrusion and injection moulding induced degradation of date palm fibre - polypropylene composites'.

  • Sandra Domenek (Creator)
  • Francoise Berzin (Creator)
  • Violette Ducruet (Creator)
  • Cédric Plessis (Creator)
  • Hom Dhakal (Creator)
  • Emmanuel Richaud (Creator)
  • Johnny Beaugrand (Creator)



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Supporting information S1 – rheological properties of the polypropylene matrix and the polypropylene /date palm fibre.
Figure S1

Supporting information S2 – Simulation of the twin-screw extrusion process with the Ludovic© software.
Figures S2.1 - S2.6

Supporting information S3 – Morphological analysis of date palm fibres in PP/date palm fibre composites.
Figure S3.1

Supporting information S4 – Macromolecular mass averages of PP and PP/date palm fibre composites measured by size exclusion chromatography (PS standards).
Table S4.1

Supporting information S5 – Superposition of typical chromatograms recorded after desorption of VOCs collected by the CAR/PDMS SPME fibre.
Figure S5.1 - S5.4
Tables S5.1 & S5.2
Date made available6 Jun 2021
PublisherElsevier BV

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