Supporting information for 'Inkjet printing of a thermolabile model drug onto FDM-printed substrates: formulation and evaluation'.

  • Georgios K. Eleftheriadis (Creator)
  • Christos S. Katsiotis (Creator)
  • Dimitrios A. Andreadis (Creator)
  • Dimitrios Tzetzis (Creator)
  • Christos Ritzoulis (Creator)
  • Nikolaos Bouropoulos (Creator)
  • Dimitra Kanellopoulou (Creator)
  • Eleftherios G. Andriotis (Creator)
  • John Tsibouklis (Creator)
  • Dimitrios G. Fatouros (Creator)



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Date made available4 Aug 2020
PublisherTaylor & Francis

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