Supporting Information for 'Integrated theoretical and empirical studies for probing substrate–framework interactions in hierarchical catalysts'.

  • Stephanie Chapman (Creator)
  • Alexander J. O'malley (Creator)
  • Ivana Miletto (Creator)
  • Marina Carravetta (Creator)
  • Paul Cox (Creator)
  • Enrica Gianotti (Creator)
  • Leonardo Marchese (Creator)
  • Stewart F. Parker (Creator)
  • Robert Raja (Creator)



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Powder X-ray diffraction data
Figure S1: Indexed powder XRD pattern of SAPO-34 (top, green), HP SAPO-34 (middle, blue) and HP AlPO-5 (bottom, red), with their respective low-angle spectra inset.

Table S1: The experimental unit cell parameters for SAPO-34, HP SAPO-34 and HP AlPO-5 catalysts, with refinements performed using the CelRef software.

BET gas physisorption data
Figure S2: N2 gas adsorption/desorption isotherm of SAPO-34 (top, green), HP SAPO-34 (middle, blue) and HP AlPO-5 (bottom, red) at 77K, with their respective BJH pore-size distribution inset.

Table S2: Textural properties of SAPO-34, HP SAPO-34 and HP AlPO-5 catalysts
determined by N2 adsorption/desorption studies.

FT-IR spectra of catalysts
Figure S3: FTIR absorbance spectra in the O-H stretching region of HP AlPO-5 (curve a, red), HP SAPO-34 (curve b, blue) and SAPO-34 (curve c, green) with modes associated with Brønsted acid sites (orange), P-OH sites (pink) and Si-OH (grey) labelled.

Solid-state NMR spectrum of cyclohexanone oxime
Figure S4: 1H MAS NMR spectrum of cyclohexanone oxime acquired at 600 MHz and a spinning frequency of 27 kHz.
Date made available25 Jul 2019
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