Supporting information for 'Topographic controls on plateau icefield recession: insights from the Younger Dryas Monadhliath Icefield, Scotland'



    This copy of the Supplementary Material is subject to the same embargo as the post-print and will be available here from 28/07/20.

    Linking of mapped moraines to reconstruct former ice margins. Sites are ordered alphabetically.
    Figures S1 to S15; ( a) Mapped moraine mounds and ridges. b) Linkage of chains of moraines. c) Reconstructed ice margin positions):
    S1 Gleann Ballach
    S2 Coire nam Beith
    S3 Glen Brein
    S4 Gleann Chaorainn
    S5 Glen Chonnal
    S6 Corrie Easgainn
    S7 Findhorn Valleyn
    S8 Gleann Fionndrigh
    S9 Killin catchment
    S10 Glen Lagan a’ Bhainne
    S11 Glen Larach
    S12 Gleann Lochain
    S13 Glen Shesgnan
    S14 Glen Uchdachan
    S15 Corrie Yairack and Coire nan Laogh
    Date made available2019
    Date of data production2011 - 2012

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