Applikon Bioreactor Array

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The Applikon MiniBio is a true scale down of the classic laboratory scale bioreactor. It has the same flexibility, which means that the Applikon MiniBio can be customized to fit the demands of any process. The small volume (max 200 mL) reduces media costs and maximizes usage of bench space.

The stirred tank Applikon Bio (1000 mL) excels in quality and modularity. This glass autoclavable bioreactor supports you in your research and development applications and smoothly optimizes your process while scaling up to higher volumes.

Both use the my-Control control unit and software for monitoring and controlling multiple bioreactors at once. The custom designed bio-reactors (for bio-recycling proof-of-concepts) are located in the Centre for Enzyme Industrial Engagement Hub at University of Portsmouth. They were funded by the HM Government "Getting Building" fund through the Solent LEP.


NameApplikon Bioreactor Array
Acquisition date16/03/22
ManufacturersApplikon Biotechnology B.V.


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