ArrayIT SpotBot HotBed array spotter

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The Arrayit SpotBotĀ® Extreme Microarray Spotter is a microarrayer, with an instrument capacity of one 384-well source microplate, 16 microarray printing pins and 28 glass substrate slides (25 x 76 mm). SBX is equipped with megasonic pin cleaning, wash and dry station, magnetic door sensors, high-performance professional series printhead, intuitive graphical user interface, a heavy duty gantry, and advanced robotics to ensure accuracy, ease-of-operation and affordability in microarray printing. SpotBotĀ® Extreme prints 10,000 samples onto 28 substrates in 12 hours using 16 Arrayit patented 946 Micro Spotting Pins.


NameSpotBot HotBed array spotter
Acquisition date1/01/20


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