Direct metal printing (ProX 300)

  • Marco Curto (Manager)

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    Portland Street

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    United Kingdom

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The ProX DMP 300 is an additive manufacturing technology designed by 3D Systems Company to manufacture a large range of metal parts. From large-sized objects to the production of small features shaped with challenging geometries, the 3D CAD data are manufactured by the use of a laser directed onto a bed of atomized metal powder, within a tightly controlled chamber filled with inert nitrogen. The ProX DMP 300 allows for details as fine as 20 microns on the Z-axis and 100 microns on the X- and Y-axes. Due to the large build volume (275 x 275 x 380 mm), the ProX 300 is suitable for prototyping tools marketed toward such industries and research areas related to medical, dental, aerospace and automotive fields.

Portsmouth University disposes of System ProX DMP 300 loaded with
Stainless steel 718 marine grade used for 3D metal printing


Acquisition date1/11/16


  • TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • 3D CAD Mechanical Drawings
  • TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
  • Prototyping Light Weight Parts
  • R Medicine (General)
  • Surgical Custom Guides
  • Surgical Custom Implants
  • RK Dentistry
  • Implants


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