Isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC)

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MicroCal ITC isothermal titration calorimeters are used to study a wide range of biomolecular interactions. The applications range from drug design to fundamental research such as the understanding and regulation of signal transduction pathways. These systems deliver direct, label free and in-solution measurements of binding affinity and thermodynamic parameters in a single experiment. They have high sensitivity, low sample consumption and options for automation to minimize ‘hands on’ time
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Find out how your proteins are interacting at temperatures relevant to your application. With consultancy, we can advise routes to optimise the interaction of the biological components of interest, with specialist expertise in enzymes.

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NameMalvern Isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC)
Acquisition date1/01/20
ManufacturersMalvern Panalytical Ltd


  • QP Physiology


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