MBraun LabStar Pro Anaerobic Glovebox

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The LABstar pro glovebox workstation is a ready to operate high quality glovebox system for experiments and applications that require inert and clean environments. . The glovebox has a large main antechamber, a rotary vane vacuum pump and the MBRAUN programmable logic controller (PLC). There is also a single column inert gas purification system (fully automatic and regenerable) that purifies the glovebox atmosphere to levels of less than 1 ppm oxygen and moisture. The glovebox can also be operated with Argon or Nitrogen gas as working gas, with full stainless steel piping. The glovebox is located in the Centre for Enzyme Innovation at University of Portsmouth. This was funded by the HM Government "Getting Building" fund through the Solent LEP.


NameMBraun LabStar Pro Anaerobic Glovebox
Acquisition date15/03/22


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