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Technical Description:
The BioLector Pro is a microbioreactor system. The system is based on microtiter plate formats and operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. The disposable 48 microtiter plate of the Biolector® Pro features online measurements of biomass, fluorescence, pH and DO and at the same time. 32 well microfluidic plates controls pH and feeding rates through micro-valves and micro-channels. These unique microfluidic components realize for the first time continuous feeding and pH control on a microtiter plate format. There is no tubing and no liquid handling needed; everything is part of the gamma radiated ready-to-use plate!

Public Description:
Perform microbial growth experiments using very small amounts of material! Using the BioLector, you can calculate the amount of growth, pH and production of oxygen, in up to 48 simultaneous experiments.


NameBiolector Pro Microbioreactor
Acquisition date6/01/20
ManufacturersBeckman Coulter


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