Multi-Material 3D printer (ProJet MJP 5500 X)

  • Morgan Lowther (Manager)

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    Equipment decommissioned 14/02/23.

    The ProJet MJP 5500x is a composite multi-material 3D printer designed by 3D Systems to manufacture a large range of polymeric materials simultaneously. The Projet 5500X belongs to the category of MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology which fuses together flexible and rigid material composites. Thin layers of UV-curable liquid plastic are delivered onto a building platform and cured with UV lamps. Large and small small sized objects, shaped with challenging geometries, are manufactured according to the 3D CAD data allowing for details as fine as 13 microns on the Z-axis. Due to the large build volume (518 x 381 x 300 mm), the Projet ProJet MJP 5500x is suitable for a variety of applications, including overmolded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, long-lasting living hinges and high-temperature testing. Moreover materials are available in a variety of colors and shades including opaque, clear, black or white and numerous shades of gray.


    NameProJet MJP 5500 X
    Acquisition date1/05/15
    Decommission date14/02/23
    Manufacturers3D Systems


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