Oxford NanoPore GridION X5 DNA Sequencer

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The GridION is the dedicated DNA sequencer at University of Portsmouth. DNA sequencers enable us to determine the sequence of any gene, DNA segment or whole genome. Coupled with our dedicated analytical pipelines, we are able to study the genetics of individuals, organisms, plants, and animals. This platform is particularly effective for applications that require long sequence reads eg bacterial and human applications. Our dedicated technical team are happy to consult and determine the optimal sample preparation, sequencing and analysis strategies for your samples.

The GridION is a compact benchtop system offering on-demand sequencing with integrated real-time data processing. With the capacity to run five flow cells either concurrently or individually and a total yield of 150 Gb, The GridIon provides long-read, real-time nanopore sequencing, with integrated, high-performance data processing.


  • Q Science (General)
  • DNA
  • Sequencing
  • Bacteria
  • Human


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