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Technical Description:
The CAMSIZER X2 is a powerful, extremely versatile particle size and shape analyzer with a wide measuring range that combines state-of-the-art camera technology with flexible dispersion options. Based on the principle of Dynamic Image Analysis (ISO 13322-2), the CAMSIZER X2 provides precise particle size and shape information of powders, granules and suspensions in a measuring range from 0.8 μm to 8 mm. The CAMSIZER X2 produces a particle flow which is characterized by an optical system with high resolution. An ultrabright LED stroboscopic light sources and two high-resolution digital cameras achieve a frame rate of more than 300 images per second which are evaluated in real time by a powerful software. Thus, the CAMSIZER X2 captures the images of hundreds of thousands to several millions of particles with highest accuracy within only 1 to 3 minutes. The CAMSIZER X2 provides a wide selection of particle information which allows for comprehensive and reliable characterization of the sample material.

Public Description:
Do you need assurance that your particles are a particular size and shape? The CAMSIZER X2 enables you to obtain precise information on the size and shape of powders, granules and suspensions. We have particular expertise in the production and analysis of polymers/plastics. The process takes minutes. This is often combined following treatment of materials with our centrifugal and cutting mills. This equipment is located in the Centre for Enzyme Innovation Industrial Engagement Hub at University of Portsmouth and was funded by the HM Government "Getting Building" fund through the Solent LEP.


NameCAMSIZER X2 Particle Analyser
Acquisition date15/03/22


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