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The PurePep™ Chorus from Gyros Protein Technologies AB is a next-generation automated peptide synthesis platform. The new scalable instrument and software platform enables production of even the most challenging sequences at the highest possible crude purity and yield. Scientists using peptides in development of novel therapeutics, biological research, or biomaterials development frequently work on long and difficult sequences, including modified cyclic peptides. These are particularly challenging to synthesise at sufficiently high purity and yield, and often require precious or expensive reagents. PurePep Chorus also employs flexible programming and Single-Shot™ additions, to eliminate the need for priming while minimising waste when using special amino acids and reagents. This equipment is based in the Centre for Enzyme Innovation at University of Portsmouth and was funded by the HM Government "Getting Building" fund through the Solent LEP.


NameGyros Protein Technologies Purepep Peptide Synthesiser
Acquisition date15/03/22
ManufacturersGyros Protein Technologies


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