Commercial and Professional Development at Teledyne-Impulse-PDM

Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts, Environmental Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts

Description of impact

"Over the course of my PhD studies I have improved my research and writing skills, through the use of graduate school development programmes; widened my network, through joining relevant institutions and collaborating with other departments and learnt various ways different analytical techniques can be used.

I've had the opportunity to apply these various techniques (NMR, ICP-OES, AFM, DSC) to solve industry problems. For example ICP-OES has been used to quantitatively define the use of heavy metals in polymers. This has given Teledyne-Impulse-PDM an advantage above their competitors as claims are fully supported by data. Overall this has been an enjoyable experience and has strengthened the relationship between Teledyne-Impulse-PDM and University of Portsmouth across multiple faculties." - Jamila Joseph, Materials Engineer, Teledyne-Impulse-PDM, Alton, Hampshire.

Who is affected

Beneficiaries of the collaboration: Teledyne-Impulse-PDM, The senior scientist/engineer working in the company (Jamila Joseph) and the global customers using the sub-marine products produced by the company.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date2014
Category of impactEconomic & Commercial Impacts, Environmental Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts
Impact levelBenefit (delivered impact)