Description of impact

The impact relates primarily to the way in which Dr Finnerty's work with the Emily Dickinson Museum and the Emily Dickinson International Society has initiated a more sustained international focus of both academics and non-academics on Dickinson's British literary heritage. Key here is the Museum's use of his work to arrange a special tour of the Dickinson Museum entitled 'The Poet and the Bard', its invitation to him to discuss this tour with guides and to give a public lecture on Dickinson at Amherst College. The 'Poet and the Bard' tours were so popular that the Museum extended them, offering them in June, July, August, September and October.

Who is affected

Emily Dickinson Museum
Emily Dickinson International Society.


This project is underpinned by Dr Finnerty's ongoing research on the American poet Emily Dickinson's British literary heritage, including his 2006 monograph Emily Dickinson’s Shakespeare and his AHRC-funded project Dickinson and Victorian Poetry. At the moment, it involves his work with the Emily Dickinson Museum and Emily Dickinson International Society. In 2016, to mark the 400th year anniversary of Shakespeare's death, Amherst College became the only stop in Massachusetts for a national traveling exhibition of one of Shakespeare's First Folios, usually housed at the Folger Shakespeare Library. To mark the month-long celebration, Finnerty was invited to a public lecture on his research at the Dickinson Museum as part of its month-long celebration of Shakespeare. His book was on public display as part of an exhibition on 'Shakespeare, Folger and Amherst' at Amherst's Frost Library and his research also shaped a number of Shakespeare-related events, including a special tour of the Dickinson Museum entitled ‘The Poet and The Bard’ and a public event in the Museum's gardens: 'Dickinson Meets Shakespeare in the Garden'. Finnerty plans to continue working with the Dickinson Museum to create pathways to impact for his published and forthcoming work on Dickinson’s engagement with George Eliot, the Brownings, Tennyson and the Brontës, but also to work with UK-based stakeholders such as the George Eliot Fellowship, the Browning Society, the Brontë Society and Tennyson Society, and to apply to the AHRC Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement Scheme.
Impact statusIn preparation
Impact dateMay 2016
Impact levelEngagement (development stage)


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