Narrative Solutions Project: Re-engaging Disengaged Students with their Education

Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

Description of impact

In 2014/15 Dr Simon Edwards (Education, Portsmouth University) and Dr Shaalan Farouk (Psychology, Roehampton University) developed and piloted the Narrative Solutions Intervention in two secondary schools. Eight students were identified as having significantly decreased performance in English and Maths during the transition from primary to secondary school and were becoming disengaged from education. The impact of the intervention was a significant reduction in disruptive behaviour and improvement in educational engagement and motivation (recorded on questionnaires) by seven out of eight of the students. In addition, teachers reported an improvement in Maths and English. The change in students’ attitude and engagement was substantial enough to lead to a three-month secondment at one of the schools to continue this work (Dr Edwards, May – July 2016). This pilot work is currently being written up for publication.

Who is affected

Seven students.

Parents of the students.

School behaviour manager.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date28 Feb 20151 Aug 2016
Category of impactEducational Impacts (beyond UoP)
Impact levelBenefit (delivered impact)


  • Exclusion
  • secondary school
  • re-engagement
  • narrative solutions